Project Management

Building works don’t have to be the drain on your time and energy that you fear they may – there is one person who is a key player in your house renovation building team who can ensure your building project runs on time and doesn’t go over budget. This person is your building project manager, sometimes called your construction project manager.

At Rickmansworth based company ClearPlan Project Management we understand that building project managers exist so that your building project doesn’t take over your life or your bank account. The job of the building project manager is to prevent work running overtime and ensure the job is properly planned, quoted and that you are protected through a formal building contract.

Successfully managing a building project or house renovation comes down to two things – excellent planning before starting to build, and constant monitoring during the work. Employing a building project manager or construction project manager to co-ordinate your home build will save your sanity, your time and your money. Most importantly, your home build does not need to be to ‘Grand Designs’ scale, even modest builds will benefit from the skills and experience of a CCB has to offer.